3F Member VELOGIC INDIA PVT. LTD. | Rogers Leaders Award – 2017

06 Oct 2017 3:00 PM | Anonymous
Good News...

Proud to share with you that 3F member Velogic India Pvt. Ltd. was a winner of 2 Awards in “Rogers Leaders Award 2017”.

Please kindly see below letter from Velogic India Pvt. Ltd. about Rogers Leaders Award 2017.


Even being nominated for Rogers Leaders Award – 2017 is an incredible honor, but to win against such strong competition is just amazing. We feel humble, but at the same time incredibly proud too.

Out of 4000 employees and 12 countries, Velogic India is winner of 2 Awards for the “Rogers Leaders Award – 2017” function organizedfor the 1st time in Mauritius on 31st August 2017.  Velogic India received “The Inspiring beyond Team Award-2017” (Team Award) and "Customer Champion Award" (Individual Award by Mr. Suresh Kumar for his best performance). Also one award won by Velogic Mauritius Team i.e. “Leadership Award”.

Trophies were awarded in ten categories, five for team performance and five for individual performance.  Rogers Group which consists of 7 Verticals in Mauritius i.e. Rogers Capital, Velogic, Rogers Aviation, Hospitality, Property, Technology, Real Estate & Agree business under Rogers umbrella were competing for these awards.

Encourage managers to demonstrate autonomy, leadership, drive or innovation; recognize the efforts of each other to grow the business ... It is in this perspective that the Rogers Leaders Awards were organized. The ceremony was organized at the Case-Noyale Hunting Camp in the presence of Dr. Mel Gill, “the World’s #1 Asian American Motivational Speaker” (Business Times).

Philippe Espitalier-Noël, Chief Executive Officer of the group, highlighted Rogers' human capital: "Whatever position we occupy, we are the heart, the lung ... the driving force behind the company.” He also believes that, faced with the demands and requirements of customers who will crescendo, managerial teams were able to remain constant in the effort and to live up to expectations.
These trophies aim to celebrate the perseverance, efficiency, performance and commitment of all: thus, both individual efforts and collective efforts are rewarded. "We recognize the contribution of teamwork and collaborative activity. In doing so, we also value the notions of sharing and collective intelligence. It is certainly a means of improving productivity, but it is also a source of added value and a lever of performance, "adds Philippe Espitalier-Noël, inviting everyone to "stop for a moment” and evaluate their own achievements and achievements. And that, especially since "success belongs to everyone"

Being honest, the road bringing to this award was rather challenging for Velogic India. Starting from the moment when the company was only one small idea and until today, much work has been done. Bringing the idea into life required much effort, and many challenges arose on the way.
Change happens when we deliberately challenge ourselves to include diverse perspectives, ideas and experience in our work.

Change happens when our leaders go beyond mentoring and start promoting qualified employees, and supporting their growth and development at the most senior levels.

“Against such strong competition, we won and thanks to our team effort and sheer resilience. We have worked very hard to align our employees with Management vision. There is a feel-good factor in the team which is amazing.” said Geeta Nainwal (Manager Human Resource – Velogic India).

“We form a partnership with our customers that ensures their participation” added by Mr. Suresh Kumar (Regional Manager – South & East India) 

Each and every one of us at all levels of our organizations have the ability and, quite frankly, the responsibility – to lead change and unlock the power of diversity and inclusion. We have made a lot of progress and we have a lot more to do.

Imagine the possibilities of what we can accomplish together if we are willing to open our minds, broaden our perspective and think differently.

Congratulations to Velogic India Pvt. Ltd.!