Manila's ICTSI steps up Basra port investment to US$250 million

23 Feb 2018 12:34 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published 22 February, 2018

THE second phase of Manila's International Container Terminal Services' (ICTSI) investment in its Iraqi Basra Gateway Terminal has increased its stake in the Port of Umm Qasr to US$250 million.

'We continue to receive strong and most encouraging assistance from the General Company for Ports in Iraq and other government bodies,' said ICTSI vice president Hans-Ole Madsen.

'We are confident that we can continue to build on this productive partnership to the benefit of port users and the country as a whole,' said Mr Madsen.

Global terminal operator ICTSI has confirmed that investment in new container terminal infrastructure is now underway at the terminal that opened last year.

Current investment will focus on building a new berth and supporting container yard area, as well as acquiring additional container handling equipment, reported Dubai's Maritime Standard.

The BGT expansion project, scheduled to be completed in phases by the third quarter of 2019, will deliver 400 metres of new quay with a draft of 14 metres alongside, as well a new 30-hectare yard and a 15-hectare secure parking area for trucks.

Three post-panamax ship-to-shore cranes will also be installed along the quay, and seven new RTGs will be brought in to undertake container stacking and handling in the yard.

The latest round of development also includes the acquisition of a cutter suction dredger with the twin objective of ensuring strict adherence to the construction schedule and maintaining the draft alongside the terminal's new and existing berths.

The design of the expanded facility will allow BGT to handle vessels up to 9,000 TEU. Upon completion of the second phase the terminal will have an annual handling capacity of more than 1 million TEU.

According to ICTSI, the second phase development was triggered by strong levels of demand at the terminal. The first phase of BGT was completed in early 2017 and included the construction of a 250-metre berth and a 15-hectare yard area on a greenfield site.

In addition ICTST started operations at Basra's Berth 21 in January this year. This includes a dedicated roll-on/roll-off facility to cater for growth in car traffic and wheeled cargo shipments into Iraq.