Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center is Europe’s largest temperature-sensitive cargo hub

26 Mar 2018 1:03 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published 24 March, 2018

Lufthansa Cargo recently commenced its expanded cool center at the Frankfurt Airport, which is the largest hub for temperature-sensitive air cargo consignments of any airline in Europe.

Located in an area admeasuring 8,000-square-metres, the cargo cool center offers four cold-storage rooms, which maintains different temperatures (2 to 8°C, 15 to 25°C, and 5 to 15°C), as well as a deep-freeze room (-12 to -20°C), which has direct access to the apron.

With a guarantee of precise temperature control, exclusive handling, short transfer distances and specially trained employees, Lufthansa Cargo can ensure highest requirements in the cool-chain logistics are met round-the-clock, with its Cool/td product.

“The excellent collaboration with numerous shippers from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries has consistently increase the demand for our service,” said Jorg Bodenroder, senior director handling specials, Lufthansa Cargo.

“We are now in the position to offer our customers with much greater capacity, and optimum processes in our cool center,” said Bodenroder.

Lufthansa Cargo has recently cemented its position as a leader in the cool-chain cargo segment by launching numerous new products and services related to the cool center. It includes Road Feeder Service Cool (RFS-Cool) booking option, which ensures the temperature-sensitive cargo is actively or passively cooled or warmed, not just on the aircraft, but also during road link connections, where correspondingly equipped vehicles are deployed. Customers can make their booking within Europe with the RFS-Cool for transportation of sensitive medication,” said Bodenroder.

Since last July, every cargo in the passive refrigeration sector worldwide was protected by a reflective film produced exclusively by Lufthansa Cargo. It offered all sensitive shipments with optimum protection against the sunlight on the airport tarmacs around the world, even during the summer season.

In October, Lufthansa Cargo also announced its collaboration in the passive refrigeration sector with va-Q-tec, a leading provider of high-performance thermal containers.

Thanks to this new cooperation, va-Q-tec containers are now available across many cargo airline’s stations, globally.

Customers shipping pharmaceutical goods can now benefit from the combination of Lufthansa Cargo’s closely-meshed and extensive network, and the advanced container rental service.

The high-quality transport containers, known as va-Q-tainers, provide temperature-controlled solutions in six temperature ranges, between -70 to +25 degree Celsius in five sizes, and can hold up to two US pallets.

It also offers constant temperature control for several days, without using external any energy sources.