CM Labs launches new simulator training pack

03 Oct 2019 12:30 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published on 03 October 2019

New STS Crane Simulator Training Pack joins CM Labs’ Vortex line up of crane and mobile equipment simulators.

Montreal-based CM Labs Simulations has announced a new operator training solution for ship-to-shore (STS) cranes is available for its Vortex suite of port equipment simulators.

“The innovative STS Crane Simulator Training Pack is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real equipment. It provides progressive learning for safe lifting operations, improved STS crane productivity, and real-world crane operator skills. It can be deployed 24/7 in all climate conditions, as a safe, productive training environment that makes it possible for operators to continuously learn or upskill, even when the real equipment is in use, or undergoing maintenance,” CM Labs stated.

The STS Crane Simulator Training Pack incorporates reporting and instructor tools, including an exercise builder that allows instructors to create an unlimited number of exercises, a customisable scoring system, and what the company claims is “the industry’s only real-time container path trace reporting tool”.

Simulated crane operations include handling 20-foot, 40-foot, 45-foot and twin-20 foot container lifts with a spreader, including operational flippers and twist-locks, plus chain lifts, personnel cages and an over-height frame.

The STS crane operator training solution incorporates CM Labs’ “Smart Training Technology”, which the company claims has several advantages over other simulation products in the market.

“Smart Training Technology is comprised of CM Labs’ proprietary and patented algorithms, and includes real-time simulation features that are unique on the market.

This means training is based on real data and real machines.
“As a result, all cables, containers, and breakbulk in the virtual world behave the same way they do in real life. This makes it possible for trainers to recreate a wide range of realistic conditions and events that are only possible to safely experience on the simulator, including snag loads, vessel motion, extreme weather, crane faults, and more”.

For interchangeability between equipment types, CM Labs offers hot-swappable control capability, which enables a single simulator to run a full fleet of equipment, including STS Cranes, Ship Pedestal Cranes, Forklifts, RTGs, Mobile Harbour Cranes, plus mobile equipment.