payment protection program by our worldwide freight network for a financially safe business environment...

Established in 2009, Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network (3F) is a premium global agent network organization for freight forwarders and logistics companies. 3F provides networking opportunity to its members with a reasonable membership fee including payment protection program.

There are two types of membership levels as follows:

1. Beginner Level Membership (Excluding Protection) | One year (12 Months) complimentary membership | Valid in 1st year membership only.
2. Verified Level Membership (Including Protection) |HQ or 1st office fee: usd 1000/year | For additional branch offices, please contact us.

*Branch office defined as an office located in same country with Headquarter under same company name.

INO Global Protection

INO Global Protection is the name of Payment Protection Program being administered by Freight Forwarders Family Management, created to minimize risks and compensate unpaid invoices partly or if possible, fully based on the indicated limit per incident between verified level members. It is constructed as a low-cost program together with membership fee ensures that members have protection by paying the minimum possible fee.

Become a Verified Member, Minimize Risks!

A company must keep at least one year beginner level (excluding protection) membership in the network. Only the members who have minimum one year history and smooth background in the network can upgrade its membership to the Verified Level. After successfully completion of 1st year free membership, the company must advise two references from inside of the network who can confirm service quality and credibility to become a VERIFIED member. Verified members enjoy the liberty to cooperate with one another without hesitation.


- Those who are willing to upgrade its membership to the Verified Level required to complete at least a one-year membership in Beginner Level without causing any payment delay or dispute.

- INO Global Protection is exclusively constituted for Verified Members, and only valid for cooperations between Verified Members. In other meaning, it only applies to a transaction between two Verified Members.


INO Global Protection is applicable for freight payment defaults only. It provides compensation for unpaid invoices related to the handling of freight transactions such as air freight, sea freight, land freight, inland transportation, customs clearance service fee and standart local port charges.


Cyber fraud, customs penalties, warehouse charges, storage charges, demurrage charges, value of goods, duties/taxes, errors and omissions are not covered/protected by INO Global Protection. Cargo claim is not applicable in this program. A member can obtain the cargo insurance and third party liability insurance separately. Business conducted between members of different INO Networks Group associations/networks is not covered.


Forwarders avoid to start new cooperations considering that they may not collect the freight amount from new partners. This often may cause to miss a great opportunity to cooperate for heavy volumes in future. On the other side, partners who have been in cooperation since long time may enter into a discussion how to finance a shipment. INO Global Protection removes all these hesitations and allows members to minimize risks. INO Global Protection works based on "protection against a verified member".

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