Welcome to Freight Forwarders Family

Established in 2009, Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agent Network (3F) is a premium global agent network organization for freight forwarders and logistics companies. 3F has result-oriented membership requirements to ensure service quality of member agents and accept strong, highly experienced freight forwarders who are committed to cooperate network  partners. The objective for all members is to work together and develop reciprocal business. Our aim is to promote collaboration between member companies in order to increase shipment volume, productivity and profitability in a secure business environment.


INO Global Protection is  the name of payment protection program to cover possible unpaid invoices between members. It is an unique and exclusive system for the members to protect them against debtor companies. It is formed by contribution of all members and managed directly by 3F management. Members enjoy secure business environment and have much more effective operation process based on built trust bridge. read more...


The nature of real agent networking requires certain member quantity limitation per country since it is expected from members to support one another and develop reciprocal traffic between their countries. It creates a unique atmosphere in our association because members don't get lost in hundreds or thousands and have less competition in their own country to get business comparing to any other organization. You are invited to enjoy real networking. read more...


Quality is more important than quantity! This is one of our key success factors. 3F has strict membership requirements to keep certain quality standarts for ongoing productivity, development and increasing shipment volume. We don't sacrifice quality for sake of adding more members. 3F ensures trusted global network with local market knowledge and network standards guarantee effective hands-on management and help build lasting relationships. read more...


I would like to thank you for your kind interest in Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network which will increase your effectiveness, productivity and shipment volume. I believe that you have found the content useful for your agent networking, marketing and branding planning. read more...



One of the most important parts of a good business valuation is viewing the facilities in which a company operates and speaking at length with those most involved in the management of the business. The primary objective of the site visit is to gain a broader perspective of the business, its operations, identify current and potential opportunities,- and for sure to make friends and catch human touch. We believe that a network management should understand it's members abilities, capabilities and concerns providing benefit to them. We visit our members at their facilities and offices, discuss about business and making brainstorming for sustainable success. Proud to mention that we are the first organization who visit members in this concept. Therefore, we are able to provide beneficial partners to our members.



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